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Episodes Journal of International Geoscience – Episodes covers developments of regional and global importance in the Earth sciences and is distributed worldwide to scientists in more than 150 countries. Articles contributed to Episodes are of interest to a broad audience of professional scientists having diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Articles include current reviews, new results from research projects of more than local significance, and discussion of the infrastructure of science -- techniques, research programs, organizations, science policy, or technical assistance. It offers geoscientists :


Aims and Scope

  • Authoritative articles that reflect worldwide research advances and evolving trends in geoscience disciplines.
  • A forum for information exchange within the global Earth science community.
  • News about activities sponsored by IUGS and its affiliates.
  • A comprehensive calendar of future international geoscience events and training opportunities.
  • Concise reports concerning results of international meetings, conferences, and symposia.

Volume 38, Issue 1, March 2015

Table of Contents


Latest Pliensbachian-Early Toarcian Brachiopod Assemblages from the Peniche Section (Portugal) and Their Correlation
Maria J. Comas-Rengifo, Luis V. Duarte, Francisco F. Felix, Fernando Garcia Joral, Antonio Goy, Rogerio B. Rocha 2-8
Total views: 310
Groundwater Protection in Shale Gas Exploration Areas - A Polish Perspective
E. Krogulec, K. Sawicka 9-20
Total views: 229
Determinants of the Distribution of Springs in the Upper Part of a Flysch Ridge in the Bieszczady Mountains in Southeastern Poland
Ewelina Mocior, Bartlomiej Rzonca, Janusz Siwek, Joanna Plenzler, Eliza Placzkowska, Natalia Dabek, Barbara Jaskowiec, Piotr Potoniec, Sylwia Roman, Dominik Zdziebko 21-30
Total views: 184
Hydrological Response of a Small Catchment Located in Extremely Humid Monsoonal Climate - The Maw-Ki-Syiem Case Study (Cherrapunji, Meghalaya Plateau, India)
Bryndal Tomasz, Kroczak Rafal, Soja Roman 31-38
Total views: 179
Neoproterozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Taimyr Peninsula (Arctic Asia): An Example of a Late Precambrian Thrust-Fold Belt
Sergey Samygin 39-48
Total views: 166
Uncertainties in the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Groundwater
Igor S. Zektser, Alexander V. Dzyuba 49-53
Total views: 147
Earth and Planetary Scientific Research in Numbers
Essam El-Hinnawi 54-56
Total views: 161
The International Geoscience School Syllabus and Its Development
Chris King 57-74
Total views: 176