Vol. 28 No.4 December 2005

Journal of International Geoscience

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233  The Global boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the Ladinian Stage (Middle Triassic) at Bagolino (Southern Alps, Northern Italy) and its implications for the Triassic time scale
by Peter Brack, Hans Rieber, Alda Nicora, and Roland Mundil
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245  Paleostress magnitude in a fold-thrust belt (External Hellenides, Greece):evidence from twinning in calcareous rocks
by Paraskevas Xypolias and Ioannis Koukouvelas
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252  Geological setting, mining and reduction of mercury vapor contamination in the gold-silver district of Vetas-Calofornia (Santander, Colombia)
by Erwin Wolff Carre
ñ, Juan Manuel Pinz¨®n Angel1, Rodolfo Contreras,and Christoph Bernardy
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257  The XIXth International Geological Congress, Algiers, 1952
by Michel Durand-Delga
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Review Papers
263  Geophysical survey and geodynamic study of crust and upper mantle in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
by Rui Gao, Zhanwu Lu, Qiusheng Li, Ye Guan, Jisheng Zhang, Rizheng He,and Liyan Huang
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274  Geoparks: Celebrating Earth heritage, sustaining local communities
by Patrick J. Mc Keever and Nickolas Zouros
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Classic Paper
279  Ignacy Domeyko ¡ª an early investigator of Andean geology

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Conference Reports
286  Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2005 Conference
288  Rapid landscape change and human response in the Arctic and sub-Arctic
291  Second World Conference on Sampling and Blending
292  The IGCP 491 meeting ¡°Devonian Vertebrates of the Continental Margins¡±
293 17th Caribbean Geological Conference
295  The 24th IAS meeting
296  Holocene environmental catastrophes in South America: From the Lowlands to the Andes
297  International Symposium "Geology of Reefs"
298  International Symposium on Triassic Chronostratigraphy and Biotic Recovery

News Report
300  In memoriam: Wissam S. Al-Hashimi

301  International Permafrost Association

Book Reviews
303  Fundamentals of seismic wave propagation
304  3-D seismic interpretation
305  The volcano adventure guide

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Front Cover
Spectacular view of the Geisler mountain group in the Dolomites area of northern Italy, wherefrom, in 1892,A. Bittner from the Vienna Geological Survey derived the stage name ¡°Ladinian¡±. The thick platfom carbonates forming the bright peaks and cliffs of the Geisler mountains are laterally replaced by coeval basinal carbonates of the Buchenstein Formation visible in the foreground. The fossiliferous pelagic strata follow on top of an older,cliff-forming and dolomitised thin platform, and the basinal beds are interbedded with thin volcaniclastic layers.At Seceda two of these layers have yielded precise U-Pb-zircon ages with values around 241 and 238 Ma for levels in the lower and in the upper part of the section respectively. The Buchenstein Formation at Seceda is the principal auxiliary section to the GSSP-section at Bagolino elsewhere in the Southern Alps of northern Italy. The base of the Ladinian Stage is located within a nodular limestone unit, at an altitude of approximately one fourth above the base of the pelagic succession as visible on the photo. Photo courtesy Peter Brack, ETH Zurich.