Vol. 29 No.4 December 2006

Journal of International Geoscience

Published by the International Union of Geological Sciences



238        Groundwater ¡ª sustainability issues and governance needs
              by Stephen Foster
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244        SHRIMP zircon U-Pb age, litho- and biostratigraphic analyses of the Huaiyu Paleozoic-Early
              Mesozoic collision

              by Liangshu Shu, Michel Faure, Shaoyong Jiang, Qun Yang, and Yujing Wang 
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253        The Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the boundary between the Capitanian and
              Wuchiapingian Stage (Permian)

              by Yugan Jin, Shuzhong Shen, Charles M. Henderson, Xiangdong Wang, Wei Wang, Yue Wang, Changqun
              Cao, and Qinghua Shang 

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263        The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point for the base of the Danian Stage (Paleocene,
              Paleogene, "Tertiary", Cenozoic) at El Kef, Tunisia¡ª Original definition and revision

              by Eustoquio Molina, Laia Alegret, Ignacio Arenillas, Jos¨¦ A. Arz, Njoud Gallala, Jan Hardenbol,
              Katharina von Salis, Etienne Steurbaut, Noël Vandenberghe, and Dalila Zaghbib-Turki 

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279        The Fifth International Geological Congress, Washington, 1891
              by Clifford M. Nelson
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Geological Map

274        WHYMAP and the World Map of Transboundary Aquifer Systems at the scale of 1:50 000 000
              (Special Edition for the 4th World Water Forum, Mexico City, March 2006)


287        Snowball Earth is dead! Long live Snowball Earth!

Conference Reports

289        12th Quadrennial Symposium of the International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits (IAGOD)
291        21st Colloquium on African Geology ¡ª CAG21
293        Third Conference of the Association of African Women Geoscientists ¡ª ¡°Women, Geosciences and
295        ¡°Ancient Life and Modern Approaches¡±¡ª Second International Palaeontological Congress (IPC2006)
297        The Second Annual Workshop on International Geological Map of Asia at 1:5 000 000 Scale
299        Origin of the Caribbean Plate Conference
301        InterRad 11 and Triassic Stratigraphy Symposium
303        The International Conference on ¡°Geoheritage for Sustainable Development¡±

UN Resolution on IYPE

305        Resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, 60/192, International Year of Planet Earth
305        UNESCO¨CIUGS Joint Statement Concerning the International Year of Planet Earth

News Reports

306        50th Anniversary (1956¨C2006) of the International Association of  Hydrogeologists (IAH)
309        Pakistani geologists response to Kashmir earthquake of October 8, 2005


310         IUGS Commission on Geoscience Education, Training and Technology Transfer (COGE)

312        New Publications

315        Calendar



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Lakagifar volcanic crater row, Iceland. Photo by Oddur Sigurdsson, Iceland Geosurvey.