Vol. 30 No.3 September 2007

Journal of International Geoscience

Published by the International Union of Geological Sciences



           Paleozoic structural and geodynamic evolution of eastern Tianshan (NW China): welding of the Tarim and Junggar plates
              by Jacques Charvet, Liangshu Shu, and S¨¦bastien Laurent-Charvet
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            Fe-Mn nodules associated with hydrocarbon seeps: A new discovery in the Gulf of Cadiz (eastern central Atlantic)
              by F. J. Gonz¨¢lez, L. Somoza, R. Lunar, J. Mart¨ªnez-Fr¨ªas, J. A. Mart¨ªn Rub¨ª, T. Torres, J. E. Ort¨ªz, and V. D¨ªaz-del-R¨ªo 
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            Geomicrobiological processes in extreme environments: A review
              by Hailiang Dong and Bingsong Yu
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            Cenozoic diatreme field in Chubut (Argentina) as evidence of phreatomagmatic volcanism accompanied with extensive Patagonian plateau basalt volcanism?
              by K¨¢roly N¨¦meth, Ulrike Martin, Miguel J. Haller, and Viviana I. Alric
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Geological Map

            The World Stress Map
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Conference Reports

            Sino-German Workshop on ¡°Geodynamic Evolution of Central Asia in the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic¡±
            26th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Bob F. Perkins Research Conference on ¡°Reservoir characterization: integrating technology and business practices¡±
            Paleomagnetism and the Earth¡¯s deep interior: unsolved problems and future challenges
            The Global Ordovician and Silurian Meeting
            Field workshop of IGCP 499


Book Reviews

           Essentials of medical geology: impacts of the natural environment on public health
           S250 Science in context, Science, Level 2, Topic 3: Water and well-being: arsenic in Bangladesh
           Quantitative seismic interpretation: Applying rock physics tools to reduce interpretation risk
           The great tsunami in the Sumatra Region, 26 December, 2004




Front Cover

The huge syncline composed of Permian sandy-muddy rocks in the Ermeiyao of Turpan Basin, NW China, which is overlain unconformably by Cenozoic strata ( Photo by L. Shu).