Vol. 30 No.4 December 2007

Journal of International Geoscience

Published by the International Union of Geological Sciences



           Restoration of the Western Himalaya: implications for metamorphic protoliths, thrust and normal faulting, and channel flow models
              by Michael P. Searle, Ben Stephenson, James Walker, and Christian Walker
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            The Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Katian Stage of the Upper Ordovician Series at Black Knob Ridge, Southeastern Oklahoma, USA
              by Daniel Goldman, Stephen A. Leslie, Jaak N?lvak, Seth Young, Stig M. ergstr?m, and Warren D. Huff  
           Abstract | (PDF)

            The Global Standard Stratotype-section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Eocene Series in the Dababiya section (Egypt)
              by Marie-Pierre Aubry, Khaled Ouda, Christian Dupuis, William A., Berggren, John A. Van Couvering and the Members of the Working Group on the Paleocene/Eocene Boundary
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            Global standard names for the Lowermost Cambrian Series and Stage
              by Ed Landing, Shanchi Peng, Loren E. Babcock, Gerd Geyer, and Malgorzata Moczydlowska-Vidal
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            The 12th International Geological Congress, Toronto, 1913
              by Gerard V. Middleton (Full text)

Conference Reports

            The International Workshop on Environmental Changes and Sustainable Development in Arid and Semi-arid Regions
            Morphotectonics of the European lowland areas
            The XVI International Congress on the Carboniferous and Permian (ICCP 2007)
            ¡°Changing Scenario in Palaeobotany and Allied Subjects¡± ¡ªThe Diamond Jubilee International Conferences on Palaeobotany

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News Reports

           The 33rd International Geological Congress in Norway
           The Medical Geology revolution¡ªThe evolution of an IUGS initiative


Book Reviews

           Earth cycles: A historical perspective


           The Geochemical Society (GS)
           Hong Kong Geological Survey

           Association of European Geological Societies



Front Cover

Aerial view of the Zanskar Himalaya looking east showing the Zanskar valley (top left) and the peak of Kun(7086 meters) rising above the Suru valley. Photo:Mike Searle.